About Avoid The Spikes

Calling all thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies! Avoid The Spikes throws you into a heart-pounding world where quick reflexes and precise jumps are the key to survival. Are you ready to navigate a perilous landscape riddled with spikes and emerge victorious?


This fast-paced arcade game presents a simple yet addictive challenge: avoid the spikes at all costs! Tap the screen to propel your character upwards, expertly maneuvering them through treacherous gaps and dodging deadly spikes that erupt from the walls and floor. Each successful touch of the wall earns you points, while collecting sparkling gems during your jumps unlocks a treasure trove of customization options.

Rack Up Points, Unlock Customization!

As you progress through increasingly challenging levels, your agility and focus will be put to the test. But the rewards are worth the risk! Accumulate enough gems and head to the in-game store, where a whopping 22 unique character skins await your purchase. Personalize your gameplay experience and flaunt your skills in style!

Tips for Spike-Dodging Mastery

Develop Your Rhythm: Tap at consistent intervals to maintain a steady jumping pace.
Anticipate Spikes: Observe the patterns and anticipate spike emergence to time your jumps perfectly.
Collect Those Gems: Every gem counts! Prioritize collecting them while maintaining your focus on dodging spikes.

Avoid The Spikes is more than just a reflex test; it's a journey of perseverance and personal style. So, are you ready to defy gravity, conquer the spikes, and unlock a wardrobe of awesome character skins? Join Avoid The Spikes and embark on a thrilling adventure!

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