About Balatro

Balatro is a revolutionary game that blends the thrill of poker with the depth of a roguelike.

Sharpen Your Hand and Conquer the Deck

Balatro isn't your average poker game. Here, you forge powerful synergies by combining classic poker hands with unique Joker cards. Each run is a unique adventure, where every draw, discard, and Joker can dramatically alter your fate. Earn enough chips to overcome ever-increasing blinds and uncover hidden bonus hands and decks as you delve deeper. Only the most cunning players will reach the final Ante and secure victory.

Key Features

  • Endless Replayability: Every decision you make in Balatro shapes your run. Experiment with different strategies and discover a near-infinite pool of possibilities.
  • A Campaign Fit for Champions: Test your skills across 8 difficulty levels in the campaign mode. Dive into additional challenges, daily runs, and seeded runs for even more strategic thrills.
  • Roguelike Excellence: Balatro captures the essence of roguelikes, offering a fresh experience every time you play. Learn from your defeats, master new decks, and conquer the ever-evolving challenges.

Why Balatro Reigns Supreme

While poker knowledge is a plus, Balatro is about strategy, not bluffing. You'll focus on crafting winning hands and maximizing your points each turn. The game offers a streamlined experience, allowing you to make calculated decisions with each card draw.

The Rewards of the Risky

As you progress through Balatro, you'll unlock a wealth of upgrades that enhance your deck's power. Collect game-changing Jokers, improve existing cards, and utilize powerful Tarot cards for strategic advantages. With each playthrough, you'll discover new dimensions of Balatro, making it a roguelike experience you won't want to miss.

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