About Conversations with Cannibals

In a thrilling race against time, Conversations with Cannibals throws you into a desperate struggle for survival. This unique 5-minute hostage negotiation game puts your communication skills to the test against a deranged cannibal with a cattle stunner.

A Sharpened Tongue is Your Weapon

  • Choose Your Words Wisely: Every sentence you utter can tip the scales in your favor or anger your captor. Select from a variety of dialogue options, carefully considering the impact each word might have.
  • Time is Running Out: The cattle stunner crackles with ominous energy. You have just 5 minutes to win over your captor or face the consequences.
  • Every Playthrough is Different: With branching dialogue paths and multiple endings, Conversations with Cannibals offers a unique and suspenseful experience every time you play.

Why You'll Love Conversations with Cannibals

  • Fast-Paced and Thrilling: The 5-minute time limit creates an intense and engaging experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
  • Test Your Wits: Think strategically and choose your words carefully to navigate the unpredictable mind of your captor.
  • High Replayability: With branching dialogue and multiple endings, Conversations with Cannibals offers a unique experience on every playthrough.

Play Conversations with Cannibals and see if you have what it takes to talk your way out of a terrifying situation!

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