About Dad Escape

Step into the whimsical world of Dad Escape, where the classic game of hide-and-seek takes on a delightful twist. Navigate through obstacles, solve intricate mazes, and use your wits to outsmart Daddy and avoid being caught. The challenge is on as you embark on a thrilling escapade in this hide-and-seek adventure.

How to Play

Dad Escape presents a classic hide-and-seek experience with a playful touch. Your mission is to outmaneuver daddy by overcoming obstacles and solving challenging mazes. The game tests your agility, problem-solving skills, and ability to navigate the maze before daddy catches up.


Dad Escape brings a classic childhood game to life with a thrilling twist. Test your hide-and-seek mastery, overcome obstacles, and solve challenging mazes to outsmart daddy and secure your escape. The game combines nostalgia with excitement, offering players a delightful experience filled with challenges and surprises. Can you elude daddy's pursuit and emerge victorious in this entertaining hide-and-seek adventure? The challenge awaits in Dad Escape: Hide Little One.

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