In "Groomy Island," you'll find yourself in the heart of a bone-chilling horror-survival adventure. This brand-new 3D game plunges you into a realm where the line between life and death is razor-thin. Your sole mission? Survive the unspeakable horrors lurking around every corner and collect the elusive 10 Grimace Shakes that hold the key to the island's dark secrets. With a vast, enigmatic island to explore, you'll uncover eerie forests, decrepit structures, and sinister caves, each holding its own spine-tingling surprises. To navigate this treacherous terrain, rely on the MiniMap, your guiding light through the island's shadows. "Groomy Island" is the ultimate test of survival instincts, resourcefulness, and sheer bravery. Will you be the one to conquer the island's mysteries and emerge from the darkness?

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