About Jungle Match

Embark on a Match-3 Jungle Adventure!


Join us on an exciting journey through the lush and vibrant jungle with "Jungle Match." This match-3 game offers a thrilling jungle experience as you match fruits, plants, and vegetables in sets of three to clear your path. Take on challenging tasks, and gather colorful flowers and delicious fruits, all while keeping an eye on the move count displayed in the upper left corner. Your efforts will be generously rewarded in this captivating jungle adventure!

How to Play

In "Jungle Match," your jungle adventure begins with the simple yet addictive match-3 gameplay. Your main objective is to create matches of three or more identical items, such as fruits, plants, and vegetables. These matches will allow you to progress through the game, complete various tasks, and gather an array of vibrant flowers and delectable fruits. To add an extra layer of challenge, each level provides you with a specific move limit, so you'll need to strategize and match wisely to achieve success.


"Jungle Match" is your ticket to an enthralling journey deep into the heart of the jungle. With its engaging match-3 mechanics and a variety of tasks, this game promises both fun and challenge. Whether you're a seasoned match-3 enthusiast or new to the genre, the lush jungle setting and rewarding gameplay will keep you coming back for more. So, dive into the jungle and start matching your way to victory. Explore the vibrant world of "Jungle Match" and collect your well-deserved rewards as you conquer this captivating jungle adventure!

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