About Kiki's Pink Christmas

Kiki's Pink Christmas is a brand-new dress-up game that invites you to join the stylish adventure of the beautiful Kiki as she prepares for Christmas Day. In this exciting game tailored for girls, you have the unique opportunity to help Kiki create four statement looks, each representing a different aspect of the holiday season. With a variety of outfit options and makeup choices, Kiki's Pink Christmas is your ticket to unleashing your creativity and fashion flair this holiday season.

How to Play

Comfy Chic Homeware: Start by dressing Kiki in cozy yet stylish homeware, perfect for lounging by the fireplace or enjoying a warm cup of cocoa.

Fashionable Kitchen Outfits: Move on to the kitchen, where Kiki needs an outfit that's both practical and fashionable as she prepares delicious holiday treats. Explore the options and find the perfect kitchen ensemble.

Glam Festive Outfits: It's time to dazzle! Select glamorous outfits that capture the spirit of the season for those festive gatherings and celebrations.

Colorful Outdoor Outfits: For those outdoor holiday adventures, choose vibrant and colorful outfits that keep Kiki looking fabulous in the winter wonderland.

Don't forget the finishing touch – delve into the makeup options to ensure Kiki's holiday look is flawless and complete.


Kiki's Pink Christmas is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the joy and creativity of the holiday season. Join Kiki as she prepares for Christmas Day, and help her curate four stunning looks that showcase the various facets of this festive time. From cozy homeware to glamorous party attire, Kiki's Pink Christmas offers a delightful and engaging experience for fashion enthusiasts. So, let your imagination run wild, explore the options, and create the perfect Christmas ensembles for the adorable Kiki.

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