About Lyricle: A Fun and Addictive Music Guessing Game

Are you fond of listening to music? Do you enjoy guessing song titles and artists? Then you'll love Lyricle! This game challenges you to guess the song title with just three lines from the lyrics and the artist's name as hints. Let's take a closer look at how to play.

How to Play Lyricle

Lyricle is a simple yet addictive game. To start, you'll see three lines from the lyrics of a song and the artist's name. The goal is to guess the song title in four tries or less. Type your guess in the text field or click the 'Skip' button to see the next hint. The game gets harder as you progress to the next level, with more challenging song lyrics and less time to guess.

Tips to Win Lyricle

To improve your chances of winning Lyricle, try these tips:

  1. Listen to a wide variety of music: The more music you listen to, the better you'll be at recognizing song lyrics and artists.

  2. Pay attention to song titles: If you're not sure about a song, try to guess the title based on the artist's name and the theme of the song.

Good luck and see you in the game.

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