About Pixel Christmas

Dive into the holiday spirit with Pixel Christmas, a game that promises to fill your screen with joy and festive cheer! Watch as a cascade of gifts descends from the sky, creating a colorful and pixelated celebration. But beware – each package eagerly awaits to be strategically lined up to make room for new gifts. Load up on presents, create perfect stacks, and witness your score soar in this cheerful and addictive gift-stacking extravaganza!

How to Play

In Pixel Christmas, the objective is to strategically stack the falling gifts to create organized lines and free up space for new presents. As the pixelated packages descend, use your skill and precision to align them neatly. The more effectively you stack, the higher your score will climb. But beware of clutter! Mismanagement can lead to a screen filled with unstacked gifts, so stay sharp and maintain the holiday cheer by creating perfect stacks. Embrace the festive challenge, load up on presents, and make Pixel Christmas your go-to game for joyous and addictive holiday entertainment!

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