About Pursuit of Hat 2

Pursuit of Hat 2 is a meticulously crafted platformer game that challenges players across 20 ingeniously designed levels. As you assist our peculiar creature in retrieving his beloved bowler hat, you'll discover the unique ability to dismember yourself entirely, utilizing each limb for distinct purposes like jumping, climbing, and rolling through tight spaces.


Pursuit of Hat 2 follows the quest of a peculiar creature to retrieve his prized bowler hat across 20 meticulously designed levels. Players must strategically dismember themselves to navigate through obstacles and challenges, with each limb serving a distinct purpose. With charming visuals, intuitive controls, and clever level design, this platformer offers a delightful and engaging experience for players of all ages.

How to Play

  1. Utilize Dismemberment Abilities: Master the unique ability to dismember yourself entirely, including your legs, arms, and chest, to navigate through each level. Strategically use each limb to overcome obstacles and challenges.

  2. Solve Puzzles: Encounter a variety of obstacles and challenges throughout the game that require careful planning and strategic use of dismemberment abilities.

  3. Progress Through Levels: Navigate through 20 ingeniously designed levels, each offering increasingly challenging puzzles and obstacles. Use your creativity and problem-solving skills to progress through the game and retrieve the beloved bowler hat.

  4. Enjoy Charming Visuals: Immerse yourself in the game's charming visuals and whimsical atmosphere, filled with vibrant colors and quirky character designs.


Pursuit of Hat 2 offers a highly original and captivating puzzle platforming experience that is sure to entertain players of all ages. With its innovative dismemberment-based gameplay, clever level design, and charming visuals, this game provides hours of fun and engaging gameplay. Play the game now!

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