About Relatle

Relatle is a brand-new game that challenges you to connect the dots between artists.

Unraveling the Web of Musical Influence

Every day, Relatle presents a fresh challenge: navigate from a starting artist to a target artist through a series of related musicians. Think of it as musical hopscotch, where each artist bridges the gap between the previous and the next. Can you uncover the hidden connections and complete the path in as few guesses as possible?

Beyond the Daily Challenge: A Symphony of Features

Relatle offers more than just a daily brain teaser. Craft your own custom games to explore specific musical genres or test your friends' knowledge. Struggling to make a connection? Utilize the helpful song previews to jog your memory. And for those ultra-competitive music buffs, global leaderboards let you see how your guesswork stacks up against the world.

A Journey Through the Soundscape

Whether you're a seasoned music aficionado or just discovering new tunes, Relatle promises an engaging and enriching experience. So, put on your headphones, fire up the game, and prepare to be surprised by the fascinating web of connections that weave through the world of music!

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