About Semantle

The Ultimate Word Guessing Challenge

Are you tired of traditional word games that focus solely on spelling and vocabulary? If you're up for a unique word-guessing challenge that delves into the depths of meaning and context, then Semantle is the game you've been waiting for. Say goodbye to conventional spelling bees and hello to a world where it's all about the essence of words.

Semantle is not your typical word game; it's a cerebral showdown of semantics. The objective? To guess the secret word. But this isn't a game of traditional spelling; it's all about understanding the meaning behind the words. In Semantle, you'll be exploring the semantic relationships between words to uncover the hidden gem.

How to Play

Playing Semantle is a mental workout that challenges your ability to grasp the essence of words and their contextual significance. Here's how it works:

  1. Secret Word: At the heart of Semantle is the secret word. It could be any single word from the English language, spanning various parts of speech. Don't limit yourself to nouns; in Semantle, words of all kinds come into play.

  2. Guess Away: Your task is to guess the secret word, but it's not about conventional spelling. Instead, Semantle relies on the Word2vec data set to assess the semantic similarity between your guesses and the secret word. The highest similarity score is 100, indicating an identical match.

  3. Context is Key: When we say semantics, we mean the contextual usage of words. Semantle evaluates how closely your guesses align with the secret word's meaning within the context of similar words found in a database of news articles.

  4. Getting Close: Semantle provides a "Getting close" indicator to help you gauge your progress. It tells you how near or far your guess is from the secret word. If your word ranks among the 1,000 nearest normal words to the target word, you'll receive a ranking. If not, you're in the "cold" zone.

  5. Case-Sensitive: Be mindful that secret words may contain proper nouns, and Semantle is case-sensitive. However, if your word matches the secret word but differs only in case, you still win.

  6. Patience is a Virtue: Semantle is not a game of quick wins. You may need dozens of guesses, so be prepared for a cerebral challenge that rewards persistence and a deep understanding of word meanings.

Semantle: Where Meaning Matters

Semantle is not just a word game; it's an exploration of language and meaning. If you're intrigued by the nuances of semantics and the contextual richness of words, this game will captivate your intellect. Challenge yourself and see if you can unlock the secret word by diving into the world of meanings and context. Semantle is where words truly come to life.

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