About Who Wants to Be a Murderer

Brace yourself for a chilling experience unlike any other. Who Wants to Be a Murderer? isn't your average game show. Here, the stakes are terrifyingly real, and the line between contestant and killer blurs in this psychological horror adventure.


This unsettling game throws you into the heart of a twisted television program. Unscripted rounds and a non-linear narrative ensure that no playthrough is the same. With 4 possible endings, your choices throughout the game will determine your fate.

A Ruthless Yet Fair Game Master

The AI that controls the show is a ruthless yet fair entity. Every decision you make, and every action you take, has a consequence. Will you play by the rules, or will the darkness within you take hold?

A Short Burst of Spine-Tingling Horror

With a playtime of 10-15 minutes per run, Who Wants to Be a Murderer? offers a thrilling horror experience in a concise package. But don't be fooled by the brevity. The replayability is immense. Uncover the game's secrets and witness all 4 endings through multiple playthroughs.

Challenge Yourself and Others

The online leaderboard lets you compare your choices and survival skills with others who dared to enter the game. Can you outwit the AI and emerge victor, or will you succumb to the darkness that lurks within?

Who Wants to Be a Murderer? is a game that will challenge your morals and test your nerves. Are you brave enough to step into the spotlight and face the consequences of your choices?

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