Word Factory is a puzzle word game that helps kids Learn words and spellings. The objective of Word Factory is to make a word up from letters given on the puzzle board. You can select between letters, pictures, or both to form the word. Each level comes with new comments and you have to finish it before time runs out. Word Factory has over 100 levels that get more challenging as you progress through the game. The goal of Word Factory is not just to get through the level but also to learn the words used while playing. 

Learning how to spell can be challenging but games not only help your brain but also gives you a sense of accomplishment. In our world today everything is fast-paced and we need to learn new things that will keep us entertained and challenged simultaneously. Spelling games are a great way to do both of those things. There are so many spelling games out there that it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. That’s why we have put together this list of the top 10 best spelling games for kids.

Spelling games are fun and easy to play. In this WORD FACTORY DELUXE Spelling game, you will find a wide range of challenging spelling games including word search, crossword puzzle, word scramble, and much more. The game has three different modes like Arcade, Classic and Customizable mode. All the words you need to spell are provided in the game as well as instructions on how to play. You will not get bored when playing this addictive word game. The theme is cute and appealing as well. Kids of all ages will love it.


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