A word game for kids, with a difference. In this game you need to find the hidden words in alphabetical order, so that each player has a different letter at the end of the game. Each player takes turns finding the word letters underneath their letter. If two letters are found on the same row or column then they are removed from play and no more words can be found there for the rest of the game. The first person to get rid of all their letters wins! This is an excellent family activity for stimulating language development, as well as being fun and exciting. However, it is not just for kids either as adults will also enjoy it too. I have played this game with my own grandchildren and they had great fun trying to find all the hidden words in alphabetical order! It’s a great family activity that can be played by everyone from young ones to oldies

Word Finder is a word game for kids where they have to find the hidden words based on their provided clues. Slide and match the tiles to reveal the hidden word. This word game tests your vocabulary, word knowledge and logical thinking ability. It helps to improve memory, concentration, patience and visual perception. The more you play it the smarter you become. Challenge your family & friends or play solo against AI. Word Finder is a great vocabulary builder that any kid would love playing with family and friends! Word Finder Features: * 3 Levels of Difficulty - From Beginner to Expert get smarter as you advance through difficulty levels * Unlimited Undo * Offline Playability * Games for Kids * Brain Teaser Game for

Have you ever played the board game Word? If not, then you have missed a lot. The word game has many benefits and it can be enjoyed by kids of all age groups. While playing the word game, your brain starts functioning at a high speed, that is why it is also known as brain teaser. The game of Word is an excellent way to sharpen your vocabulary, boost your spelling skills and increase your levels of concentration. You will find that playing the word game gives you more confidence when speaking in public or writing formal letters or professional emails. Playing this simple yet challenging word game will help you improve your cognitive functions as well as expand your

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