Can you write an article or blog post in 5 minutes? It’s not just a skill. It’s a game. Putting words on the screen fast and efficiently is as essential to being successful online as having killer Content. If you wrote for leisure – which is most of us – you’ll probably find that short, sharp word articles are your thing. But if you work at a company and have to churn them out like crazy cogs in a mega-corporation’s vast machine, then you better learn how to crank out content faster than anyone else because what seems like an endless stream of snappy one-liners turned into long, complicated articles five minutes ago might now look like pointless hours of your life. If you can master this art form (and I mean really master it), then creating excellent content is no longer about grammar and spelling, but about flow and rhythm. The best way to learn these things is by playing the game themselves: actually crafting quality content instead of just hacking away at the problem until it goes away. So here’s my five-minute guide to making great blog post or article ideas, wordie, game, mobile, casual, html5, puzzle, crossword, hypercasual, arcade … [Read

English word search game. Make words from given letters by rearranging them in a set order. The more letters you can reorganize, the more words you can create. Create and share your own word puzzles using HTML5 and JavaScript by using Crossword Editor Online or install word puzzle flash games on your browser. You can also try our word search games which will help improve your vocabulary, spelling and

The game is simple. You need to match 3 or more similar words to make them disappear. The more words you match, the more points you get. They will disappear one by one until you finish the level. Can you get as many points as possible in this addictive word

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